Her Bad Mother

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Kicking The Juice Box Habit

September is a time for pulling up one's socks, straightening one's sweater and resolving to do better: this is the year - we say each September - that I try out for basketball/pass math/clear up my skin/save the world.

I never did try out for basketball after Grade 7, I only passed math with difficulty, and I still struggle with my skin, but I still sometimes resolve to save the world. This September, world-saving has, for me, taken an eco-turn - BlogHers Act Canada is committed to acting on the environment this year - and the BlogHers Act Canada team is kicking off a series of eco-challenges, to be taken on at a rate of one per month. September's is - reduce your dependency on packaging. Bottles of water, juice boxes, grocery bags, whatevs: cut it out.

And blog about it. From the BHA-Canada page: We invite all Canadian bloggers and FOCC-ers (Friends of Cool Canadians) to participate in writing a post about how you plan to reduce packaging. Write whatever part of this issue is most important to you. Share your own tips and clever ideas. Rant about how hard it is to use less disposable items. Review a great product. Do an expose on companies with particularly excessive packaging. Write a Haiku (brilliant example HERE). With enough of us blogging it and engaging our readership, we can get more people thinking and acting on tangibly reducing the amount of packaging that ends up in our landfill.

What do you say? We'd love it if you joined in. Let us know (link, comment, send e-mail) if you do. Deadline is Sunday midnight.

(PS - there are prizes. Lovely, lovely prizes. And lots and lots of good feeling.)