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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Just keepin' y'all on your toes...

... all three of you.

Changed the name of the blog (for those of you paying attention, from 'the first days of the rest of my life.') Because:

a) We're not really measuring in days here anymore, people. And if we were, I'm pretty sure that I'm well past the first. Hell, some days, it feels like the last. Like today. I have a bad cold, and Baby to take care of, and am restricted in what I can take drug-wise because of the whole breastfeeding thing and it SUCKS ASS.

b) And we're not really talking about my life, are we? Let's face it, my life and my identity as an independent female being forging her way through the universe has been entirely overtaken by MOMMYNESS. I am Mommy, and that is pretty much all there is for now.

c) Hello? Soap opera much? I really should have known better than to put 'days' and 'lives' together in a sentence that didn't begin, "hey, did you ever watch...?" (For the record, yes, on bad-hangover days in the party years. Also watched Arsenio Hall. Liquor, as it slowly and painfully leaches out of your system, will make you do that. Where's he now?)

Anyway. We can talk about my bad mother-ness some other time. Right now I have to go dope up on HERBAL TEA (fercryinoutloud) and get to bed...


Blogger Jezer said...

1. I like the new name. Don't we all feel like bad mothers about 23987479 times daily?


9:14 AM  

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