Her Bad Mother

Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday Morning Blogpocalypse

So, I had this epic post all worked out in my head - it was about how to approach Christmas as a true season of giving against the countervailing pressures of consumerism and understanding contemporary holiday celebrations as living symbols of post-modern capitalism, which is to say, how to steer your children away from visions of sugar plums and the Dora Magical Welcome House dollhouse set, blah blah blah - but when I sat down to write it my computer froze and I lost the four paragraphs that I managed to save to draft and, also, a small part of my spirit. And now I have no will to begin again. So.

Because of this episode of Monday Morning Suckage, you will have to make do, today, with my MamaPop post, which concerns the all-important question of why does everyone keep shitting on moms who tell the stories of their motherhood? (I'm really interested in your take on this, so please - drop your comments over there.)

Above: Children's lives being destroyed. Also pictured: shits, giggles.