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Friday, December 5, 2008

A Heartbreaking List Of Staggering Awesomeness

Because I am still sleep-deprived, and because I am still stressing out about this, and also because this weekend is Tree Decorating, Gift Shopping and Santa Picture Taking Weekend - the prospect of which exhausts me - all I can offer you today is a compendium of the week's goodness and other miscellany from wherever and whenever. For example:

1) When Mattel asked everyone to share their Barbie memories, this isn't what they had in mind.

2) Or this.

3) You should read this story. I'm not saying that because she's one of my very bestest real life friends (which she is), but because it's a story that will grip your heart and shake it up a whole lot. If she ever finishes writing it, that is ;)

4) Other heart-shaking stories: on monsters and evil exes (which is to say, monsters) and the ick of facing quarterlife. (From the Basement. You should go.)

5) And because I am all about tears and angst this week - this made me cry. Hard.

6) I've gone off the rails with all the sad and the mope, haven't I? It's totally accidental, I swear. But while we're on the subject of sad: it's December 6 tomorrow. If you don't know what that means, you should read this.

7) And just to wash all that sad out of your mouth, let's give the last word to science. No, wait! To Santa:


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