Her Bad Mother

Friday, July 11, 2008

Exhausted Mom Miscellany

The girl-child is home sick today. The boy-child is in on some kind of demon growth-spurt that requires him to suckle at tit every hour upon the hour. The double all-terrain sports stroller that the husband brought home yesterday so that the wee ones and I could travel further than three blocks together is missing the infant insert (you know, for inserting infant) and so we are trapped, TRAPPED I TELL YOU, in a miserable vortex of snot and exhaustion and toplessness - all of us - a spiralling vortex of headachey badness that will not stop until the husband comes home. With liquor.

In the meantime:

1) This is my libido on hormones, painkillers and sleeplessness. So is this. Disturbing, I know.
2) This is - or should be - the last word on The Apocalypse of Feminism.
3) You should do this poll. Because it's about mommyblogging and Internet privacy and whether you avoid naming names or posting pics (any pics, or just the nekkid ones) and that sort of thing. You know, that stuff that we all worry about as we madly broadcast our lives to the world. Oh, and it's being done by a really awesome lady who only some of you read but all of you should. (ALSO! She's going to be at BlogHer, and would love to interview people. Interviews are fun!) Full blurb and deets and contact info here.
4) You all saw mah babee busting a move yesterday? Break it down.
5) Baby toes: are awesome.

These particular baby toes are attached to a baby who was, at the moment that photograph was taken, shitting on my leg - note flexing - but still. Awesome. Makes the vortex worthwhile.