Her Bad Mother

Friday, June 6, 2008

When You Get To The End Of Your Rope...

I'm still overwhelmed, but I'm hanging on. I don't know how to begin to thank you all for your supportive comments and offers of help and words of advice and all. that. love. It's been keeping me sane. Thank you. So much.

The boobs are still mind-bogglingly sore, but much improved. The nethers, ditto. The mind and psyche are still a little on the snappish side, but I am, as I said above, hanging on. The heart? Is full to bursting. But that's good.

Soon I'll have something happy to say about new motherhood, round two. Because the happy is there, it really is - it's just been hard to hold on to what with all the crashing waves of holy hell this shit is hard. But it's there. It is. And I'll find words for it soon.

(I'm very sorry that I've been terrible in responding to e-mails recently - I promise you that I've read them, I just haven't been up for responding with the attention that they deserve. I will respond, though, I promise.)

(Also, much belated thanks to Diapers and Wine and PunditMom for awarding this post a Perfect Post Award. It means a lot to me that that post resonated, it really does.)