Her Bad Mother

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mama, Me

I had hoped that this Mother's Day would bring me a baby. It didn't, and I was discouraged.

Then I remembered: I already have a baby. I already am a mother. Not that I'd forgotten, but I've been so distracted for the past however many days by this interminable early labor that I've come to define myself almost entirely as a very cranky pregnant woman who will be in said labor forever.

But, always, behind and before and beyond all of that, there is this:


She made me a mother. She has made me the mother that I am.

This Mother's Day is hers.

All my love forever and ever, sweetie.

*(the day's not over yet and it's been the worst contraction day so far, by far, so who knows. Still, I'm reserving my hopes for tomorrow.)