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Monday, March 31, 2008

You Know You Waaaaant it

Because, there is just SO MUCH cool stuff out there, and so much weird stuff, and just, you know, so much stuff, and yet - even though some might consider it horribly throwbacky for women to talk shopping shopping shopping - just not enough web content about STUFF - the marketing of stuff, the design of stuff, the history of stuff, the stuff itself - by women.

So, if you're looking for cool mom stuff, you'll still go here, and if you're looking specifically for green mom stuff, you'll go here, and if you're, like, a supercool Canadian chick who has babies but also maybe doesn't and is looking for cool stuff, you'll soon go here (link pending!) But if you're just a woman - just a very cool, smart woman (or a man who appreciates the finer points of cool, smart, feminocentric consumerism) - who likes STUFF - finding stuff, talking about stuff, thinking about stuff, COVETING stuff... then you really. must. go. HERE.

Because we said so. Because it is the awesome. And because if you can't covet stuff and talk stuff and think stuff when 21st century technology virtually engulfs you with stuff, well, there's really no point in being on the Internet, now is there? Go, look, ENJOY.


What, you didn't know what a koan was? Fair enough, it was late last night when I posted and mine wasn't exactly the model of intuitive irrationality. Doesn't matter. Just summarize the truth about motherhood in as few words as possible (I set my benchmark at twelve) and share it. Bonus points, redeemable in good karma, for koaniness. If you're into that.

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