Her Bad Mother

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Good, The Bad, And The Bloggy: A Weekend In Review

The Good:

We think that my hard drive lives. It - the dark, preshus heart of my techie being - still beats, and where there is heartbeat, there is hope.

The Bad:

We need to pry it from the cold, dead body of the laptop that housed it, a laptop that has, otherwise, totally flatlined. (But! More Good: After we pry it from the cold, dead body of the old laptop, it will be transplanted into a shiny new body - a body with all the youth and vigour of a gazillion gigabytes.)

The Bloggy:

Am dazed and confused from nearly three days of limited pluggedness (which is to say, effectual unpluggedness.) Cannot keep track of life without that little metal heart-brain, that chippy little mini-me that contains my secrets and memories and all the little virtual scraps of paper by which I organize my life. The life-support that the desktop computer has provided is the bare minimum by which I can live - it maintains the heartbeat and provides a morphine drip, but not much else.

So it is that I have fallen behind on my virtual and not-so-virtual to-do's, and so it is that you get to spend four precious minutes (less if you're a fast reader) of this sunny summer Sunday reading what amounts to a chicken-scratch to-do list (albeit an important one, so don't click away):

1) Those of you who flashed me your handbags, I'll add your links to that post tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for sharing your tampons, your shopping receipts, your lipgloss, and your random antacid chewable tablets. Much have I learned on this purse-voyeur journey. (And, if you still want to share the contents of your handbag, I'd still like to see them.)

2) This week is Rainbow Connection week over at BlogRhet, which is a totally WonderBread way of saying that we're still talking about race and identity politics in the blogosphere over there, but will be broadening and deepening the discussion this week by bringing in some guest writers and listening in on and discussing Kristen's podcast on the same topic (this Wednesday) and really encouraging everyone to join in and have their say. It's been a really, really challenging discussion so far, but an incomparably worthy one, and you should at least check it out. (To get up to date on what people have been sayign so far, check out Tere's BlogRhet post from last week, and visit Julie's place for a great list of links to recent posts on the topic.)

3) The wonderful Miss Zoot is raising awareness - and cash - for the cause that is closest to my heart, and it would do my heart good if you went over there and lent your support. What else can you do? Go back and read (or re-read) my most recent post about my nephew Tanner and the disease that will kill him, and follow the links there to a couple of places where you can put your chequebook where my heart is (also, you can still sign my online comment-petition there to convince my sister to start a blog to raise awareness of MD.)

If you're a fellow Canucks, you will not be able to donate to MDA through Miss Zoot, but you can donate to MDA Canada HERE.

American OR Canadian, you can also donate to Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy (my sister's personal favourite, because it specializes in Duchenne's MD, the specific, terminal muscular disorder that Tanner has) HERE.

And, if you do nothing else, please help spread the word by posting and sharing this button:

E-mail me (herbadmother@gmail.com) for the code if you can't lift it. (Thanks to Katie for her mad button skillz.)