Her Bad Mother

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday Miscellany

WonderBaby sez: Suffrage Rox!!!

1) There's still time to vote for which cause you'd like to see BlogHers Act Canada pursue in the coming year - you have until midnight tonight. You don't need to be a her, or Canadian, or even active to make your preferences known. If you support women blogging for a cause, and if you think that what happens in Canada matters to the world, even just a little bit (how good would it be if we took the lead in signing the Kyoto agreement? if we elected a female Prime Minister who supported women's issues? if we improved our health care system? were a better model of how mass democracies can prosper and take care of their own, and others?), then have your say. We want to hear. Vote now.

2) Wanna know what happens when a handful of desperate mom-bloggers decide to hit the open road and tear a green streak across America (well, the southern Ontario region of Canada and parts of Michigan and Illinois, anyway)? Read about it here, and here, and then follow the trip this week as we try to green our way to Chicago. It will not disappoint, I promise you.

3) This weekend in the Basement: when online friendships go bad.

4) Never any shortage of kick-ass meta-chatting here. You should be reading it. Or writing it. (Details at the site.)

5) I know it's old news, but still. It's important.