Her Bad Mother

Thursday, March 12, 2009

And With This, We Shall All Move On (Also, Unicorns!)

I've said my piece, and then some. Am talked out. Have been living too intensely in mah feelings for the last two days. (Oh, hey, guess what? I has feelings! Which, I know: shocking, seeing as I put my life on full display and so must be assumed to have skin thicker than a dinosaur's, but there it is. If you prick me, I bleed. And then I blog about it, and angels weep and bunnies burst into flame and it all, you know, goes kinda badly.)

(I promise to wield my feelings more carefully in the future. Or maybe make sure that they're not loaded before I start waving them around.)


I am done with hurt and defensive. Am moving on to happy! Let's all be happy, 'kay? Also: NICE.

I declare it International Nice Day Of Awesomeness And Unicorns. Go eat cake. Maybe say something nice to someone, tell them that they have nice shoes, that they're a good mom or dad, that they have great taste in unicorns. Spread sparkles and rainbows. But mostly, eat cake.