Her Bad Mother

Friday, February 13, 2009

You Know You're A Redneck Parent When...

1) You've bathed your kid in a bucket.

2) You've answered the door with no shirt on and your nursing bra flaps down.

3) You've carried your baby around Nashville with paper towels stuffed down his pants because you forgot diapers and he crapped himself in Jack's BBQ and oh god they just don't sell diapers in downtown Nashville and please, please, does anyone have a maxipad even???

4) You put your baby in cowboy boots and a Willie Nelson onesie for a New York Times photo shoot. We have MAD REDNECK CRED 'round here, yo.

(Now, go here and tell me how you know that you're a Redneck. Because we should all aspire to be like this lady.) (Yeah, that means put comments there - it's a Redneck Round-Up, y'all!)

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