Her Bad Mother

Friday, January 16, 2009

Weekend Forecast: Flurries, With A Good Chance Of Poo

Hey, baby! Could you look into your little rubber crystal ball and tell us the forecast for the weekend?

What's that?

35% chance of flurries, 78% chance of spit-up, 100% chance of sleeplessness, 123% chance of productive farts?Align Center
Just as I expected.


To everyone who has been leaving their condolences for Maria: thank you. You're helping to spread a little love around a broken heart.


Toronto-area peeps: interested in heading out on the town, sort of? Read this, and let me know.


And... don't read this unless you're up for feeling really, really angry. Or, do read it and then click back here to have another gander at that super cutetastic baby up at the top of the page, to take the edge off of the grrr arrgh that I guarantee you you're going to feel. Cute babies are good for that, you know.