Her Bad Mother

Friday, December 12, 2008

Wordless Disney World

I sobbed my heart out at Sea World (Shamu, my god. It's like live-action Free Willy but without the irritating kid. Or, for that matter, the freedom), had an anxiety attack at the Magic Kingdom, and got peed in the face (more or less) by a wee spray-hose of a baby penis, but still: she was delighted, and that's all that matters.

(More pictures here.)

(Anyone got any Xanax? Or muscle relaxants? Because, seriously. I have a very sore back - the boy weighs, like, 22 lbs, which doubles when he bounces, which he does every time he sees a giant duck or mouse or killer whale, which is far more often than you would think - and, also, am likely to run away screaming the next time a licensed character approaches me. Which will probably be tomorrow, so it's already too late, but still. I just kinda needed to say it out loud.)

(Wordless: I'm doing it wrong.)