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Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Gone Bad (Director's Cut)

(Updated Sunday, November 2)

What happens when you combine witch with fairy with barmaid with pimp:

Behold, Evil TinkerWench.

Which, you know, is sweet and everything, but if one is really going to make the most of Halloween, one really must get one's children all done up is some sort of get-up that demonstrates a) one's appreciation of pop culture history, b) one's understanding of the temperament of one's child and c) one's complete disregard for social norms that demand one not draw figurative parallels between one's children and crazed, Beethoven-loving thugs from a dystopian future.

Behold, the Nursery Droogs.

Because that would be wrong.

Or not.

(I don't think that this could possibly qualify as Cutest Photo for PBN's photo contest, but maybe Funniest? That is, if there's not a category for Most Disturbing or Most Indicative Of Parental Inclination To Parent According To Impulses Of Amusement Rather Than Principles of Good Care.)

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