Her Bad Mother

Friday, September 19, 2008

Nobody, Not Even The Rain, Has Such Small Hands

The best part, the most beautiful part, of the earliest days and weeks with baby is this: the hands. The tiniest hands, the little seashell fingers, curled into fists, shoved into wet pink mouths. If I remember nothing else of my babies as they grow, I want to remember their hands. Their tiny, perfect little hands, clutching at my soul, squeezing my heart. Nothing compares to this, nothing.

I will hold these hands for an eternity. I will hold these hands for an eternity, and never forget how tiny they once were, how delicate, how small.

I love these hands.


For Kristen and Rebecca, who will be holding tiny hands again, soon. Take part in their virtual baby shower HERE. (I wish now that I'd saved this post for today, to dedicate to my friends, but then again, it was maybe a bit too melancholy. Still. Maybe I should just say that tout le HBM is dedicated to these fine mothers/writers/friends today...)

(And these...
Amy - who will be holding new baby hands soon - and for Alice and Tania - who are already holding those hands. More babies, more hands, more love.)