Her Bad Mother

Thursday, March 27, 2008

What A Girl Wants

Hey, I might be an aging pregnant woman who is totally run aground by her toddler, but still. I likes me my shoes some lots. Which is why when Guy Kawasaki recommended this spectacular object, I was all over it. Like, that very minute. Clicked the links, located a local source, hied me hence to purchase and then dragged it home for immediate enjoyment.

Whereupon Wonderbaby immediately used it to jail Dora, who has really been rousing the rabble lately and needed to be contained.

But it's actually for shoes. My shoes. Mah preshuss shoes...

And I've only put, like, a fraction of my collection in there. Can see them all! Can get at them all! Which, is irrelevant, given that my fat preggo feet don't fit them, but still! MAH SHOES! Have broken free from their back closet shoe-box lair and are now ART.

What can I say? LOVE.


The Rakku - the Shoe Wheel From Heaven pictured above - is now one of my very favoritest things. But it's not my most favoritest thing. That, I will tell you about tomorrow. Tomorrow, instead of a straight-up Friday Flashback, we're doing a kind of Friday Flashback/Friday Foto Frenzy combo - a photo-centric post that may or may not involve a flashback (although bonus points are awarded for keeping it flashback-y.) The topic: "My Favorite Thing," or "These Are A Few Of... etc" (in case you have more than one.) Self-explanatory: what object (or objects) in your home (note: NOT child, pet or partner) is your favorite thing, the thing that you would be most likely to grab first in a fire, the thing that you gaze upon and murmur, lovingly, MINE? Bonus points if it's something from your youth or childhood. (Inspiration from Mama Tulip, who was probably inspired by someone else, which is how this stuff usually works.) Posts go up tomorrow!


Thanks so much to everyone who put in their two cents about daycare vs. preschool vs. Montessori. Really, just so tremendously helpful. Enough to help us decide that the Montessori we visited might NOT be the one for Wonderbaby.

You all rock. But you knew that.