Her Bad Mother

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Sun Will Come Out

It always does. Even when it's been totally, star-obscuringly dark, it always comes out, the sun, and it shines. Not every day, not even every week - and sometimes it can feel like whole lifetimes go by without the sun - but it does come, eventually. Maybe only for a day, or a few hours, or just one brilliant minute as it peeks from behind the clouds - it always finds a way through. It always, always does.

So although it may be the tritest of trite things to say to someone for whom it seems the sun has been hiding its rays, it must be said: the sun will come out, if not today, then tomorrow, and if not tomorrow, then some day after that, and when it does, it will. feel. glorious.

Send a little sunshine Whymommy's way. She went into surgery today, and surgery for cancer - for anything - is a dark thing. So send some rays - a little comment, a little post in her honor, a few good wishes. Whatever you've got. Let it pierce the clouds, and let it be warm and bright.

Warmest, sunniest wishes to you, lady. Be well.