Her Bad Mother

Saturday, November 3, 2007

But They've Got A Cream For That

Thanks for all of the supportive comments to yesterday's post. My heart was warmed and my hormones stirred in the best way possible by your emphatic insistence that a) I am not the only person in the world who thinks that celebrity claims to au naturel beauty are usually bogus, not least because the celebrity understanding of nature involves cigarettes, botox and wheatgrass juice cut with vodka, b) my fatness or skinnyness has no bearing whatsoever upon opinions of that sort, and c) thin-skinnedness is better that thick-skinnedness because it is less prone to scaling.

For that, you shall be rewarded with more WonderBaby-cum-Mr-Furley:

Also, if your celebrity gossip tastes run more to Bon Jovi, or to skankerrific D-list celebrity moms who think it'd be just fine if their daughters grew up to be topless models, then I think that I can help you out.