Her Bad Mother

Friday, August 17, 2007

Weathering The Storm

A boatload of thanks to you all, for your wonderful words of support. How very, very sweet to hear, sshhh, we don't need to hear, to give our support, to extend our arms. And how very, very generous of so many of you to open your virtual homes to me as places where I might tell my story, share my upset and my anxiety, secretly.

I can't do that, I don't think, because my vow to not share stories that are not my own extends beyond this space, here. Perhaps I'll spill my guts, one day, anonymously, in such a way that the story cannot be traced back to me - which pains me, yes, because it is still so much my story, and I hold onto it, possessively, despite its weight and darkness - but for now, I have to swallow my silence.

Still - I am so grateful. Stormy seas feel much safer when so many arms hold you afloat, in a life-preserving embrace. Thank you.

When the storm rolls in, just sit down with someone you love, and watch, and think about how beautiful the sky and water can be, when they go dark, and about how that darkness, that rolling greyness, is always only fleeting.


Meanwhile, as HBM continues to struggle valiantly to keep her blood pressure down...

* I had to rant about something, so I did it over here. More tardage from our nation's 'national newspaper.'

* Also, did you know that some people take David Caruso waaaay too seriously?