Her Bad Mother

Monday, June 25, 2007

First Against The Wall When The Revolution Comes

I would have posted this weekend, but I was too busy quashing revolutionary activity - cat-jumping and ice-cream poaching and sleep-deprivation tactics and general sedition - in the toddler quadrant.

If all revolutionaries loved ice cream, Cuba might be a very different place right now. Then again, if revolutionaries loved ice cream, Ben & Jerry's might be a socialist republic under trade embargo. And then what would we do?

While I'm busy playing Who's The Dictator with WonderBaby, you should go here and read what I did to oppress her this weekend (hint - it involved blue polyester). Also, you should go offer some advice in the Basement - it's much needed (hint - what would you do if your husband discovered he had another child?) Oh, and you may want to read the story and check the result of our BlogHer or Bust contest (hint - we couldn't send everyone to BlogHer, but everyone's getting candy) over at MBT. Round-ups of all the awesome posts will come once I've had some sleep. Unless I've been overthrown, of course, in which case you may never hear from me again (hint, hint - COME SAVE ME).