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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Blogger's Beautiful Baby Boy Born!

UrbanMommy's trial by pregnancy is over: UrbanBaby arrived yesterday!

And WonderBaby, Future Ruler of the Known and Unknown Universe would like a word...


Dear UrbanBaby,

Welcome to the world.

It's a good world. It's not as comfortable as the world that you just left, but I think that you'll like this one better. It's a bit colder here, but there are plenty of big soft arms that will wrap around you and warm you up so nicely that you'll love the cold for bringing those arms to you. The food doesn't come automatically, but when it does, it comes from the most wonderful place that is so sweet and soft and warm that you'll love the hunger for drawing you to that place. It's not as comfortably snug and dark as that other place, but in the open light you'll see beautiful and amazing things, such amazing things that you'll love the stark brightness for helping you see.

The best thing that you will see: your mom and dad. They'll be a bit blurry at first, but you'll smell them and hear them and you will know them oh so well because you knew that they were nearby even when you were in that other place. This is the best thing: they are even closer now. They will touch you and kiss you and when they bring their faces near you - and they will always always be near you - you will see their eyes and you will see that they love you. You already knew that they loved you, but now you will be able to hear and smell and taste and touch and see that love and it will sound/smell/taste/feel/look so nice oh so nice that you will never be able to bear its absence for a second. But you will never have to. They're going to make sure that your whole entire world is love.

The very best thing: you have made their whole entire world a world of love. When you feel that wetness on your head, that's the love spilling out of their eyes because they can't hold it in. You bring that love out. You were made from love, and you bring love, and you will live in love because to those two big people holding on to you, you are love. They are learning, every time that they look at you, touch you, think of you, that even though they thought they knew already, they never did really fully know what love was until the moment you arrived.

You know what love is. You're living it now, in the beautiful cold light of this amazing world. You can't speak it, but you cry it out loud. Keep crying that love. It's awesome.


WonderBaby, Ruler, etc.

PS: I will one day rule all of this world, so be prepared to recognize my power. I will, however, cede one or two fiefdoms to your control. You may take possession of your household immediately - consider this a hereditary principality, one that you will hold with ease. I relinquish control over your parents, although know that I will continue to charm them and that I expect some share of their affection. When the time is right, I will provide some instruction in the ways and means of rule. For now, follow your instincts. Cry and shit at will. Clutch. Spit. Stare deeply into their eyes. Cry and shit some more. They will do your bidding.

Now, go forward and dominate!


Blogger Jezer said...

WonderBaby RULES!

And congratulations to Urban Mommy. I wondered why everything was so quiet over there...

Thanks for the update!

5:31 PM  
Blogger Mom101 said...

This is so beautiful. I wish someone had written something like this for mine. (And I'm glad to hear it was not directed at the UrbanBaby message board beyatches but at someone far more deserving of your kindness.)

6:40 PM  
Blogger crabbykate said...

Well said, WonderBaby!

9:17 PM  
Blogger Baby in the City said...

Even though I'm not much of a cryer, I was brought to tears by this most beautiful post! Urban baby would like to thank Wonderbaby for the kind words of advice, and I would like to thank 2BL and all theblogging moms - your words of wisdom have helped me so much. I am now officially one of you.

One of us, one of us.....

xoxoxo to 2BL

7:23 PM  

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