Her Bad Mother

Monday, February 27, 2006

Yah know I loves yah cuz your feets so big

Ah, the feets...
A perfectly executed Fourth Position (in grand pliƩ, not shown)

... the feets, the feets. The lovely, lovely oversized feets. What more can be said of them, really, other than that they are kissable, munchable, and adorable and that there is much of them.

Well, it's less feet than it is toes. It's the toes of which there is much...

Spider monkey toes. Channel-surfing, cigarette-rolling, piano-tapping toes...

... toes attached to the feet, attached to the legs, attached to the body of the sweetest little creature in the world. When you're carrying that much wonderfulness you gotta have the big feets.

Yah know I loves yah cuz your feets so big...

(With apologies to Fats Waller, Leon Redbone, et. al.)


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